Wednesday, 14 October 2009

How to Wear Short Tight Dresses

Wondering how to wear short tight dresses and still look classy, not cheap? With a little balance, it can be done. You can cover your legs with tights or leggings, wear low-heeled shoes, or keep your neck and collarbone area covered to counteract the shock effect of seeing so much leg.

Higher Necklines Add Class

The high neckline of this stunning hot pink dress combined with the looser material above and below the middle make it a winner when it comes to tight short dresses. Another winning aspect of this outfit is the sandal with the chunky cuff around the ankle. It breaks up the length of the leg, making the dress appear less shocking.

Throw on a Jacket

A very easy solution to how to wear a short tight dress also keeps you warmer: a jacket. Wearing one in a similar color to the dress detracts from how short it is. If you wear a jacket in a completely different color, you could draw attention to just how short the skirt is. A single color draws the eye along the length of the outfit.

A Vest Keeps You Cool

If you don't really need the warmth a jacket provides, try a long vest. Your arms will still be bare but you'll add visual interest to the outfit while adding bulk. If you're hoping to show off your figure, a vest in a lightweight material will not hide your curves from admiring eyes.

Sheer Panels for Modesty

A sheer panel of fabric along the bottom of the dress may make you feel a little more comfortable and covered up when you're wearing a short, tight number.

Add Chunky Earrings

Asymmetrical styles show more skin than some other types of short, tight dresses. Try adding chunky earrings to add balance to your look, and look for dresses that have embellishments on the upper half--especially if it has an empire waist like this one.

Fabric Gathering

Another detail that takes the edge off of a tight, short dress is shirring. This keeps the dress from looking too tight when you purchase the right size because it gives the illusion of looser fabric.

Match Your Skin Tone

If you choose a dress in a color close to your skin tone, you may be able to get away with wearing a short tight dress without covering the top with a jacket, vest, or long scarf. It's especially effective when you wear shooties in a similar color in lieu of flashy sandals. A color that is drastically different from your own coloring, when worn alone, could break your body up into chunks of color, emphasizing the short length of the dress.

Try More Than One Method

If you have long hair, you can even add balance to your short, tight dress by wearing it down. That doesn't mean it's easy to skip the other methods of keeping a short, tight dress classy, like chunky accessories, jackets, vests, scarves, color choices, and short boots. Combine a few methods to make sure your dress is appropriate despite its length and the way it clings to your figure in all the right places.

~~to be continued, more tips coming up~~

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