Tuesday, 28 December 2010


We are clearing our stocks, with one time LOWEST EVER discount which are selling at SUPER LOW price with NEGATIVE MARGIN!!! Grab as much as you can, do not miss out this SUPER RARE opportunity ^^
P/S: Click on the photo or code number for full details of the item.

Lacey Inner Dress With Cotton T (2 pieces) - RM15
Code: B00004

Fashioned Stripe Blouse - RM15
Code: B00010

Fashioned Casual T (Dark Brown) - RM15
Code: B00024

Knitted Cardigan (2 pieces) - RM15
Code: B00039

Long Sleeve Shirt With Ruffled Chest - RM15
Code: B00043

Ruffled Sleeve Top With Bow - RM15
Code: B00047

Stripe Empire Cutting Top (2 pieces) - RM15
Code: B00052

Chiffon A-Line Top (2 pieces) - RM15
Code: B00053

Stylish Single-Button Jacket - RM20
Code: B00055

Multiple Style Cotton Tee - RM15
Code: B00056

Cutie Baby Blue Top - RM15
Code: B00057

Cotton Button-down Shirt - Long Sleeve (with belt) - RM15
Code: B00058

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